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S C B Mobile Banking Application Privacy Policy

I. Information Use

This S C B Mobile Banking Application privacy policy determines how S C B uses information, how S C B keeps information private, and what system this affects, and in what circumstances information may be shared. First and foremost S C B does not gather, collect, or maintain any information about you that can identify you as an individual except for such services where you make such information available. These services include S C B mobile banking account access service, various account applications, and service requests. S C B only gathers only information that is necessary to process your request and S C B maintains the information in the strictest of confidence.

II. Information Collection

In other cases S C B collects general data about users of the S C B Mobile Banking Application for statistical purposes only. This data is viewed only in aggregate and is not personally identifying. For example, S C B may collect data on the day of the week and time of day that visitors are utilizing the S C B Mobile Banking Application. S C B may also collect information on how long customers are staying on the S C B Mobile Banking Application and how many customers are coming to the S C B Mobile Banking Application each day, week, month and year. S C B does not share any of this information with groups other than those S C B has specifically contracted or allied with for the purpose of improving the overall customer experience the S C B Mobile Banking Application and the National Bank of Aisa for any types of reporting purposes should required by and Prakas and laws.

III. Information Sharing

S C B may in some cases make individually identifying information available only in the following circumstances: where ordered by a court or other legal body or it is lawfully permitted or required under the laws applicable in Kingdom of Asia ; where S C B has agreed to provide information under contracts to vendors and partners to make products and services available to our customers; or where the customer has requested or consents to the disclosure of information. In those cases where S C B disclose information to outside vendors, S C B requires that they use it for no purposes other than providing previously specified services to S C B customers.

IV. Policy Coverage

This S C B Mobile Banking Application Privacy Policy covers all services, products and information on the S C B Mobile Banking Application.

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